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The 10 Best Vin Diesel 'Family' Memes That Are Heartwarming AND Hilarious
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The 10 Best Vin Diesel 'Family' Memes That Are Heartwarming AND Hilarious

Some of the funniest memes that mash-up Vin Diesel's Dom Toretto with other properties are simultaneously the most heartwarming.

The Fast & Furious franchise boasts nine films in its core line, with a 10th, Fast X, arriving in theaters theaters in May 2023. Over more than two decades, the Universal Pictures movies have thrilled audiences with car chases, gravity-defying stunts, edge-of-your-seat action. They're also filled with a surprising number of references to family, primarily by protagonist Dom Toretto. It's little wonder, then, that Vin Diesel family memes have become practically a cottage industry.

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What’s such a delight about the Dom memes is that most are not only amusing, but also heartwarming in their own way. They perfectly fulfill the prime directive of a meme. Namely, rapidly expressing an idea based on the use of quickly recognized images with the addition of text. However, these are, for the most part, upbeat -- a pleasant contrast from the snark so often associated with memes.

What Is the Vin Diesel Family Meme?

It’s exactly what you expect, really. It's nothing more than Diesel’s Fast and Furious character, added to image from other movies, TV series, or even ads. Dom Toretto responds to the situation at hand with some words about -- you guessed it -- family.

Dom may save the day on behalf of family. He may strike someone down in the name of family. He may reply in a way that’s totally nonsensical, but also quite funny, because… family quotes.

Examples of Vin Diesel’s 'Fast and Furious' Family Memes

Let’s take a look at 10 of the best family memes that are both amusing and, in their own way, touching. Sure, there are plenty more Dom Toretto family memes out there that are funny, but these are also heartwarming and, in some cases, even motivational memes.

1. Vin Diesel 'Lion King' Family Meme

A Lion King-Vin Diesel family meme
The Lion King "family meme

In this mashup of Fast and Furious movies and Disney's The Lion King, Vin Diesel’s Dom saves Mufasa from what most of us know as one of the saddest scenes in animated history. Because when you’ve got family, you don’t fall to your death in a stampede. You get saved.

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2. Vin Diesel 'Harry Potter' Family Meme

Harry Potter-Vin Diesel family meme
Harry Potter "family" meme

There are plenty of Harry Potter Vin Diesel family memes. Most involve the actor jumping in to help Harry in a wizard battle. However, this one is much more charming and benign, however. An apparently magical Dom Toretto leaps away from young Ron Weasley because he has so much to do, what with having... family.

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3. Vin Diesel Loki Meme

Vin diesel3 1024x537
Loki "family" meme

Sure, Loki may boast of an army in Marvel's Avengers. But when Dom Toretto replies, “We have a family,” you know which side to back. Dom's family values trump an extraterrestrial army. And, while Hulk may smash, the Furious franchise is fast ... and furious.

4. 'Titanic' Family Meme

Vin diesel4 1024x1024
Titanic "family" meme

This family meme turns the saddest moment from the tragic film Titanic into a moment of levity. Dom Toretto saves Jack from the frigid Atlantic, because, “There’s always room for family.”

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5. 'Pawn Stars' Family Meme

Vin diesel5 1024x512
Pawn Stars "family" meme

This Pawn Stars meme takes a jab at Fast & Furious (a hint at weak storylines) and saves the day with a mention of ... yes, family. Which, in this case, is the best Vin Diesel can do.

6. Vin Diesel 'Star Wars' Family Meme

Vin diesel6 1024x1024
Stars Wars "family" meme

The lightsaber battle between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker is an iconic moment from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. The scene also provides one of the franchise's most-memeable lines: “I have the high ground!” However, when you’re facing Dom Toretto, high ground matters not. It's all about family.

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7. The 'Jaws' Vin Diesel Family Meme

Vin diesel7
Jaws "family" meme

You know the iconic line from Jaws, right? “We’re gonna need a bigger boat!” Well, when you have Vin Diesel and family around, no big boats are needed. Only cars, a shotgun, and the gang all together.

8. Vin Diesel Extended Warranty Meme

Vin diesel8
Extended warranty "family" meme

One of the funnier, more innocent Dom memes mashes up Vin Diesel with a telemarketer offering an extended warranty on his vehicle. Does he need something like that? Of course not.

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9. 'Braveheart' Dom Toretto Meme

Vin diesel9 1024x618
Braveheart "family" meme

Mel Gibson's Scottish hero William Wallace starts to say the English may take the lives of the Scots, but they’ll never take their freedom. It's the most famous line from Braveheart. However, Dom interrupts with what he considers most important, “our family.”

10. The Gravity Family Meme

Vin diesel10
Gravity Jump meme

This self-referential meme makes sense of a Fast & Furious 6, in which the laws of physics are defied. Tyrese Gibon's Roman Pearce is able to ignore the forces of gravity and wind because has family!


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