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13 Mother Daughter Tattoos Ideas that Will Convince Your Mom to Get Inked with You
mom daughter tattoo

13 Mother Daughter Tattoos Ideas that Will Convince Your Mom to Get Inked with You

These ideas will definitely get mom into the tattoo parlor.

Getting matching tattoos isn’t just for best friends or star-crossed lovers. In fact, getting complementary mother daughter tattoos is a safer bet than enlisting a friend or partner to get inked. While those relationships could potentially come and go, the unbreakable mother daughter bond is forever. 

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If you and your mom have ever considered getting matching tattoos—or even if you haven’t—here’s some inspiration to convince you that getting inked with the woman who bore you may just be the best idea ever. 

Finding Inspiration for Mother Daughter Tattoo Ideas

mom and daughter browse the internet on a laptop

Tattoo designs can be literally anything—any symbol, animal, illustration, you name it. So, it can be a little overwhelming to narrow down what you’d want your matching mother daughter tattoos to look like. 

Take your time choosing the right design. Look online for ideas and maybe even visit a local tattoo parlor to flip through books. Anything goes when it comes to symbols and designs. Maybe you love animals and have one in particular that you’re drawn to that could serve as inspiration for your tattoos.

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Maybe you have a passion for a particular activity or place to travel to that can be made into a design. Make a list of these commonalities and things you both love to get initial ideas. 

Customize your tattoos to reflect your tastes. You might opt for a watercolor tattoo for something more noticeable or a simple black design to keep things classic. If your mom has two daughters you might consider asking your sister to get a tattoo with you and your mom to celebrate your bonds together. 

Meaningful Mother Daughter Tattoos

mom and daughter cartoon tattoo on arm
(@kasia_kefifi on Instagram)

Celebrate the deep love between you and your mom with a permanent reminder of your relationship. Here are some tattoo ideas to consider for meaningful mother daughter tattoo ideas: 

Favorite flower tattoos

Flowers are a symbol of life, joy and the rebirth of spring. Flower tattoos can have a meaning deeper than that, too, since each flower has its own symbolism. You can choose a favorite flower, a birth month flower or a bloom that has deeping significance to honor your mother daughter duo. 

Quote tattoos

Many people choose to get quotes as tattoos encircling their wrists or ankles, on their inner arms or along their torsos.

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You may already have a favorite quote that’s meaningful to you, or you could browse these family quotes, daughter quotes, love quotes and mother quotes for inspiration. 

Commemorative tattoos

Think about what you and your mom love and really bond over. Maybe it’s a classic novel or a passion for Greek and Roman mythology. Commemorate whatever you share an interest in with your ink. You can ask your tattoo artist to mimic a drawing, combine a few elements into one design or create something unique. 

Minimalist Mother Daughter Tattoos

Image 1 1024x619
( on Instagram)

If you prefer smaller or simpler tattoo designs, consider doing a tiny tattoo or a symbol tattoo. Here are some super minimal ideas:  

Heart tattoos

A tiny heart tattoo is a beautiful and sweet way to honor your mother daughter bond. You can even choose a favorite color for your matching heart tattoos.

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Make them extra minimal by just doing an outline of a heart instead of one that’s filled in. 

Word tattoos

Perhaps there is one word that defines your relationship with your mom. Even something as simple as powerful as the word “love” could make a great tattoo. 

Symbol tattoos

A simple design, like the infinity symbol, can commemorate your unbreakable bond without being overwhelming or overly intricate. 

Animal Mother Daughter Tattoos

Image 2
(@inkmarked on Instagram)

If you’re looking for adorable matching tattoos that celebrate a mother’s love, consider animal tattoos. Here are a couple ideas to get you started: 

Bear tattoos

A mama bear and baby bear tattoo, either in drawings of bears or in just words, can be a sweet way to celebrate the mom-daughter bond. 

Hen and chick tattoos

Another cute tattoo idea is to get a mother daughter pair of a mama hen and a baby chick. Hens and chicks are a common mother-daughter symbol

Elephant tattoos

Elephants symbolize strength, protection and wisdom, which are three things mothers typically provide to their children.

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Getting a mom and baby elephant tattoo can be a powerful way to celebrate this bond. 

Whale tattoos

If you and mom love the ocean, consider whale tattoos. As spirit animals, whales are known as guardians, making them a logical choice for mother daughter tattoos. A whale tail symbol is also associated with protection. 

Celestial Mother Daughter Tattoos

Image 3
(@slowpuncture on Instagram)

There’s something otherworldly about the bond between mothers and daughters. If you and your mom are more spiritual or like to delve into the psychic realm, you might consider celestial tattoos to mark your relationship, like these ideas, below: 

Sun and moon tattoos

Symbolizing day and night, these tattoos are fun for mothers and daughters who are opposites and want to celebrate their complementary natures or personalities. 

Rising sun tattoos

A sign of birth and rebirth, a rising sun can be a meaningful way to honor the mother-daughter relationship. 

Star tattoos

For those looking for a celestial design that’s also simple, a star, shooting star or pair of stars can be both sweet and meaningful. 

Where to Get Your Mother Daughter Tattoos

tattoo neon sign in window
(Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash)

You should of course get your tattoo from a tattoo artist in an official tattoo parlor. But the more important question of where is this: Where on your body should you and your mom get your tattoos? Typical places for mother daughter tattoos are bracelet tattoos, wrist tattoos, hand tattoos (the spot on the top of your hand close to the thumb) or ankle tattoos. 

You and your mom don’t need to get tattoos in the same spot, of course. Tattoos are very personal so if your ink happens to be in the same place, great. If not, no worries.

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It’s more important that both of you feel comfortable with the spot you each choose than it is to have your tattoos in the same exact spot.

If you’re on the fence about getting something permanent—or you or your mom need some convincing—try a temporary tattoo first so you can play with color, size, placement and design. 

Getting Inked to Celebrate Your Mother Daughter Bond

Image 4 1024x614
(@a_merry_mary on Instagram)

A meaningful tattoo is a wonderful way to forever cherish your mother daughter relationship. Even when your mom is gone, you will have something tangible on your body to remember your love for each other. You’ll always hold close the memory of getting your matching mother daughter tattoos. 


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