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Desperate Father Loses Hope of Finding His Son - But a Fox TV Interview Gives Him the Shock of His Life
Older man dreams of hugging his son
Uplifting News

Desperate Father Loses Hope of Finding His Son - But a Fox TV Interview Gives Him the Shock of His Life

A chance TV encounter and around $5 worth of gas was the end of one father's incredible quest to find this long lost son.

From giving away groceries to helping single moms, the folks at the Fox5 Surprise Squad are used to giving a jolt of joy to strangers. However, in one episode, they were the ones caught off-guard.

In that segment, they were staking out Smith's Gas Station in Las Vegas, looking to fill the tank of an unsuspecting customer. This time, their viewers would choose the lucky winner using a live stream app.

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They quickly pointed Fox host Monica Jackson to an old truck with its rear bed packed with furniture and random items. The owner was a tall, slender man donning a baseball hat and shades. Hi name was David Winkelspecht, and his story would lead to an unforgettable trip no one saw coming.

The Random TV Interview That Revealed One Father's Moving Life Story

News cameraman on the scene
Photo by Korie Cull on Unsplash

Winkelspecht told Jackson that he wasn't on a commute. He was on a journey, to see his son and family he'd never met.

He said that at age 17, he joined the army and was deployed overseas, losing contact with his family. Then one day, he came across his 28-year-old son (also named David) on Facebook. In a snap, he loaded his truck with all the personal items he could sell and set out to California to meet the family he never knew.

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Moved by his story, the viewers voted in real-time to buy everything in Dave Sr.'s truck, to the tune of $1,000. The generosity of the Fox audience moved him to tears.

I'm at a loss for words here...

- David Winkelspecht

Viewers sure weren't. "I chose this truck!!!! I'm so excited!!!!," posted one. "Man I need more tissues here," wrote another. Oh, would they ever!

The Father-Son Reunion 28 Years in the Making and How It Surprised Everyone

The next day, Jackson and the squad invited Dave Sr. to the Fox studio to discuss his impending reunion. It turned out that Dave Jr.'s birthday was the next day, and his dad's just a few days later.

The party was about to start earlier than expected.

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"Well David, we have a birthday surprise," said Jackson, telling Dave Sr to look to his right. There, 28 years later, were his son and grandchildren. They all shared teary hugs and kisses, a family at last. Dave Sr.'s journey was a success.

For Dave Sr., it's the moment he'd been dreaming of. "We'll be able to live the rest of our lives together," he said. Dave Jr. said that he's had the same motivation. "It's something that I've longed for my entire life," he continued.

The Unexpected Reunion That Proved How Strong Family Truly Is

Family standing at the beach looking at the sea

When asked where they go from here, Dave Jr. didn't flinch

Hopefully we can build this lifelong relationship we deserve to have together.

- Dave Jr.

Among family quotes, there is one that reads “The most important thing in the world is family and love.” Who can imagine the void that father and son had all these years, or the emotions of being complete years later.

One thing is clear, family transcends time, and you also earn that there's extended family that can include strangers at home, helping you finally fill your tank up.

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