From his on-screen accent to his off-screen drama, should Harry Styles just stick to singing?

With two major films, Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman, set for release by the end of 2022, Harry Styles is having a big year as an actor. From walking the red carpet at the Venice International Film Festival to being the subject of early Oscars buzz, Styles has become one of the biggest names in entertainment.

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His successes aren’t stopping at the big screen, however. He’s also in the middle of his Love On Tour concert tour, which includes an impressive 15 nights at Madison Square Garden in New York City. With all of his creative achievements, Styles should be on top of the world. So why are so many people trying to tear him down?

How Did Harry Styles Become an Actor?

Harry Styles in Dunkirk

Most people recognize Harry Styles as a singer who got his start on X-Factor UK. After nearly being eliminated from competition, he was placed in a group alongside Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne. One Direction was formed, and the band made record-breaking history throughout their six years together.

Styles began his film career in 2016, after the band took an indefinite hiatus. His first major acting role was in Christopher Nolan’s 2017 war film Dunkirk, in which he played a young soldier named Alex. Styles received widespread critical praise, despite previous doubts about his acting abilities.

His second theatrical role cemented his place in film’s largest franchise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Styles appeared as Thanos’ charming brother Eros in the post-credits scene of Eternals, directed by Oscar-winner Chloé Zhao.

Styles’ most recent roles, in rumored Oscar-contenders Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman, are adding further merit to his acting credentials.

Given these high-profile roles, it may be surprising that viewers and critics alike continue to doubt Styles’ acting chops. But after a leaked scene from Don’t Worry Darling, are these concerns more valid than ever?

What Happened at the Don’t Worry Darling Premiere?

Don’t Worry Darling made a massive impact at the Venice International Film Festival, and not only because the psychological thriller received a seven-minute standing ovation.

From the alleged feud between director (and Styles’ girlfriend) Olivia Wilde and co-star Florence Pugh, to speculation that Styles spit on Chris Pine during the screening, the premiere of Don’t Worry Darling has taken over TikTok and Twitter.

But even before the events of Venice, Don’t Worry Darling was making headlines.

An early clip of Styles’ performance circulated online, causing many viewers to doubt his ability to keep up with Oscar-nominated powerhouse Florence Pugh.

Since then, many media outlets are questioning whether he should be acting at all, claiming he should just stick to singing. Fortunately, however, Styles doesn’t seem to be listening.

The Future of Harry Styles’ Acting Career

Harry Styles smiling in front of a crowd of fans in New York City.
(Image by: Nathan Congleton/NBC)

We’ll have to wait to see whether Styles’ upcoming film performances are as well received as his Grammy-winning music. But he doesn’t seem ready to give up on his movie career any time soon.

In a recent interview with Variety, Styles shared how lucky he feels to be able to do something he loves, and how,”It’s fun to play in worlds that aren’t necessarily your own.”

But while Styles isn’t walking away from his singing career, that doesn’t mean acting will take a backseat. He plans to continue down both paths, wherever they may lead him.

How Harry Styles Inspires Us to Follow Our Passions

Harry Styles in concert in New York City (Source: Styles’ Twitter)

Whether on-screen or on-stage, Styles reminds us we don’t just have to be one thing in life. We’re free to follow new paths as we continue to grow and evolve. We may feel a lot of pressure to choose one thing to be, and stick to it. But that’s not necessarily what will make us the happiest.

Learning more about ourselves, and giving ourselves the freedom to follow new passions, may lead us to success we never expected. Harry Styles’ multi-passion career reminds us of the importance of following our dreams, no matter what others think of them.

Ultimately, we can be whatever we set our minds to — whether that’s a superhero, songwriter, style-icon, or all three at once.


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