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Cameron Diaz Has “Un-retired” from Acting – And There’s a Good Reason Why
Actress Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Has “Un-retired” from Acting – And There’s a Good Reason Why

The Charlie's Angels star shows us there's always a path back to the things we love - especially when you have friends like Jamie Foxx and Tom Brady to guide you.

Cameron Diaz is known and loved for her exciting and heartwarming film repertoire, including hits like Charlie’s Angels, The Other Woman, and The Holiday (an honorable mention goes out to her iconic voice-acting performance as Shrek’s Princess Fiona). However, she’s been missing from screens for quite some time since she retired from acting after her last performance in the 2014 Annie remake.

To the delight of fans, Diaz has come out of retirement to star in a new Netflix action-comedy, fittingly called Back in Action. But why did she leave Hollywood in the first place, and how did Jamie Foxx convince her to come back?

Cameron Diaz Was Sick of Being Exploited in Hollywood

Despite her successful film career, Diaz was unhappy with the way her life was turning out. She felt she was no longer in control of her own decisions. In an interview with Kevin Hart, she explained how it felt as if “every aspect” of her life was “handed off to other people.”

Diaz had little control over her daily routine, she was hounded by the paparazzi and her relationships were blasted in the tabloids. Media and fans scrutinized her every movement whether it was who she dated or what she wore.

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Her relationships weren’t the only thing under constant scrutiny, Diaz was held to the impossibly high standards that come with being one of the world’s most beautiful women. And while there’s no denying she is beautiful, she was tired of her appearance being taken more seriously than her impressive talent when it came to her acting career.

It came to a breaking point in 2014 after Annie was released, the model and actress decided to retire from the big screen for good.

Diaz Decided To Leave Acting to Find Herself

Monday motivation quotes cameron diaz 1024x538

In an interview with actress and Goop-founder Gwenyth Paltrow, Diaz expressed how Hollywood limited the scope of what she was able to do. Stepping back from acting allowed her to “honor her instincts,” and “find peace in her soul.”

She was finally able to reconnect with who she truly was, beyond the characters that she portrayed. Leaving the film industry also allowed her to focus on embracing her inner beauty and release the need to compare herself to others.

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During her time away from Hollywood, Diaz married the love of her life, musician Benji Madden. In 2019, the happy couple found another blessing with the birth of their daughter, Raddix Madden. Beyond building a family, Diaz also published the hit The Longevity Book, and started her own wine company. The A-lister managed to find all she was looking for; passion, success, and love in many forms. The eight-year break from acting afforded her the freedom to find her own happiness and sense of purpose away from the media's lens.

How Jamie Foxx Convinced Cameron Diaz To Come Back To Hollywood

Jamie Foxx in promotional still of Annie

Jamie Foxx starred alongside Cameron Diaz in Annie, so it’s fitting that he was the one to bring her out of retirement. The talented actor not only worked with Diaz as Will Stacks in the reprisal but has continued to grace our screens. Recently Foxx reprised his role as the super-charged Electro in Spiderman: No Way Home. But even super-humans need backup – and Jamie Foxx called in superstar Quarterback Tom Brady as his.

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In a phone call with Diaz, Brady explained how he’s “relatively successful at un-retiring.” That’s an understatement, the quarterback retired from the NFL for only two months before announcing his return. Jamie Foxx explained that he needed to call in one G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All-Time) to help bring back another, and he couldn't have been more correct. Brady's words of encouragement worked for Diaz, who has officially decided to get Back In Action with the new Netflix film.

Diaz Shows Us It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Mind

Cameron Diaz Signs Her New Book
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Diaz’s return to acting is motivational in more ways than one. Despite walking away from acting for 8 years, she has found her way back to her passion. Taking some time away was the best move, allowing her to grow personally, build her family, and explore other creative endeavors. She may have taken a while to make her comeback, but that doesn't make it any less inspiring.

It hasn't all been easy, Diaz shared she's experienced a lot of "anxiety" when she thinks about her return to film. Still, she's decided to overcome that anxiety in the pursuit of what she truly loves. Her husband has been one of her largest supporters and biggest "cheerleaders," and was one of the first people who “encouraged her to un-retire.”

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Diaz's story is a powerful one, and use it as fuel for our own passion projects. Whether we've already reached a high level of success or it seems like we will never reach our goals, sometimes the best thing to do is simply take a breath and take a break.

Whether it's a step back for a few months or a few years, it's an easy reminder that you're always allowed to come back. If you have to leave your passion behind while you find yourself, that's okay. It will always be there waiting for you, ready to welcome you back when you're ready.

Sometimes we have to walk away from the things that we love to find out who we truly are. But coming back to them can be just as rewarding.

Diaz’s experience shows us that no matter how long we take to step away, there’s a path to get back to what we’re meant to do – especially when we have a group of people to support us.


Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden’s Relationship Proves the Power of Instant Connections

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